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    February 25, 2014
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mingling with . in the day throw in ukrainian city is at the stop on a show of defiance against the self declared government in kiev and to voice support for newly appointed for auction the real path into the eu it's not privy to the german capital b that we have some analysts warn financial aid from brussels and the imf may prove a slippery slope for ukraine. presence of us troops in afghanistan causing a rift in washington. while president obama says he may follow through with his zero
option. lawmakers continue to push to keep up to ten thousand soldiers there british muslims cry foul over the government campaign against radicalism in the state are being singled out as scapegoats. a fan midnight in moscow thanks for joining u h on r thtop sryheal upheaval in ukrai's cit sparking a backlash in the southeast of the country where many are making it clear ty don't recognize the new supper cleaned leadership in kiev. the move means gathering pace in crimea in our time in this region home to major industrial hubs in some prime tourist spots. also mainly populated by ethnic russians largest rallies held in an evil city of service telco were a pro russian there's just been appointed by city hall after an outpouring of popular support. ortiz europe is to know there's more. for
the past if you d c in the cdo placebo school play which is also the country's second largest seaport and home to russia's black sea fleet. scores of people have been taken to the streets protesting. everything that's been happening here in kyiv in fact they haven't recognized the new authorities in moreover the stage and down ukrainian flags from government buildings and put up the russian ones. moscow has been saying that it will not intervene into theuation here has been calling on it's what all the partners to follow its example. now as gospel but has also voted for the new mayor was deemed his supporters. by promising to protect the city from the intro right let's go referring to the natural moral law had been seeking a new government posts during tuition yesterday the group we will have to defend their city. it's already be gone where for once in place and in some districts but i feel this is not enough. we also facing huge economic. our
economic system is tied to the current regime to it which frankly speaking is illegitimate. there's a power struggle within the meaning they are in disarray the political situation has been changing the ninety leaving. rewarding forces to keep the situation in our city from spiraling out of control so clearly the already existing gap between the east in the west is now. growling. and while we do want to see it what with our own eyes that were actually planning to go to some us . later on to report about the events there from the ground. meanwhile russia's foreign minister lavrov once again warned the west against encouraging the new regime including its nationalist and sometimes extremist elements. religious radicals are now threatening to move on those parts of ukraine to disagree with the methods being used by the opposition. so our goal is to help the ukrainian people are brotherly nation would want to understand who will form ukraine's new government including how it
plans to stabilize the economy. we do not want ukraine to be influenced by radicals and nationalists or no clearly trying to play the leading role. on the wave of this revolution. they're also takingecisions that could harm a significant part of the country's population echoing the test as luxembourg to become the first european state so far to voice concerns over the rise of radicalism in ukraine says the turmoil started. he tells from our kids are in english. firstly i had seen at least five that european officials to operate through the independence square in its early stages of making statements about the fact how everything is fine and dandy and said absolutely. aei sell off but democracy is best for but now we are hearing from the foreign minister of luxembourg who actually is the first person on the official level from the west to indicate that in fact that there is this something sinister going on on my donaldson known as independence square in kiev the european union has no
right to sports extremists as for using violence and auntie susan coleman europe is familiar with them. we have to fight cool extremist forces including those in ukraine. this is very important for ukrainians to pay phones from extremists and need to find a compromise and are still peaceful. it is now at balgowlah school russian foreign ministry at this whole weekend instead it refers to as nazis out of the look of some of the leaders of the ukrainian so called revolution for example i was on them was expelled thes f m and other radical views that he's actually participated in the test in what way into the caucasus one of father on the side of the terrorists and fiat prided himself on the fact that he personally get several tanks and armored vehicles and despite that he still managed to run for the ukrainian parliament a couple of years ago again he's one of the leaders of ultra nationalist movements and then there's also a little loco is essentially
one of the three liters of iv out of them might die at the independence square movement since he is obama not sophisticated but also anti semitic making numerous statements to hide in that regard that actually gotten into quite a lot of hot water with the jewish population of ukraine with the most active in propagating armed resistance against us the uk authorities have said in the right center and altering the islamist group that has been becoming more and more active in it yet. over the past couple months and he is quite a ways off its leader. but the room the two words. leak. what did that that's the type of color that the west has been until
now so openly supporting and if you look at the fact that the sun tuesday we have heard synagogue has been its passage in one of the korean found that only through into the sunset looked worried and apprehensive as to what exactly is going to happen next. three keeping you abreast of the situation in ukraine on air and online here at rt as extremists end of it simmers within the ranks of the opposition our crew in kiev has been posting some footage of ultra nationalist even fascist symbols appearing around the map of independence square you can find more on that are in sticker and kate and with ukraine sliding toward bankruptcy the new leadership is welcoming western diplomats nope over urgent financial aid. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton played support and washington is that it's really to chip in in addition to an imf loan our diesel x air shows your pores that many europeans would be reluctant to see their money heading east eu member states agree. we don't have any jokes and the same time we have debts to pay
they should support us now that we're in great need. eu member states spain. i'm unemployed and two children we don't give any government help and it's hard to survive each month if we don't have money for us. how can we give it to ukraine. andrew mohl to ukraine a country without even association of you with the eu. eu is as it is playing with carrots and sticks the busy economic integration which is going to mean the big parts of the ukrainian working population will see a deterioration in the limits of the fantasy about entering europe they are the envy of the state's be lined with gold that's a fantasy because the real project as it is an imf face the study program with questions about who the ukraine into the future and whether the current will stay together when the news media. it's good when the quantity that needs to be revamped first. even before the euro might dump real test of golf that was that all of a possible people in ukraine
in november its external debt free stuff hundred and sixty billion euro was one of the main reasons like you've refused to sign the tri bike with the eu. fearing it could aggravate the situation even more. in november last year you offered only several hundred million euro to ukraine. with the opposition out taking the reins the eu is ready to give a whole lot more. lunch three main eu members such as greece and spain can now hardly afford flights to spain comes help now. just be traced this idea the western anything written here. here's the good greasy teach that and then bail for ukraine old the money to purchase the art scene reporting from kiev ukraine for more on this under my jeffrey summer is associate professor political economy and policy and a senior fellow at the astute of world affairs at university of wisconsin milwaukee. ideally speaking with us again here on rt so we heard the merits of a stop all that is a
largely self these pro russian region saying that he considers the government he of the legitimate why do you think so many western leaders have been very quick to recognize the legitimacy of the new installed government in kiev. of course it is that it will be in line with the rangers to do so. so unfortunately seen with us policy in of course is that the united states. they will force the support any group of girls that are as long as they are in line with us financial interests. and they feel that they will be online for instance the nineteen eighty three four steals and a sign that hangs against the russian parliament the worst united states for the clueless on the line it's the inclusion of
the seventy two when we might have some remarks but regardless because he displays an independent straight. he's a robot three season. ukraine. so we feel less the government is one that is beyond us interests will support it or not we want to knit. it comes to power and does so even for the overall environment thereby leading a protest note to result in a democratically elected government being pushed aside so the dinner as long as saying the united states has the government wants. how do you think that government may turn out looking at the current crop of opposition leaders who are now and for all intensive purposes in power there do you think that that could end up being a final government well it's really difficult since when does the situations are so turbulent an ounce of course that the united states is not interested in having a fascist government in place so all we do have these white nationalists take extreme elements alone. some of those in the new korean government united states. it is the one
thousand people of color what is holy war is that they will be good to be displaced and that will get more moderate figures that can be more or less controlled. now we've heard promises of financial aid coming from europe do you think europe and also the us would be able to contribute the amount of money that the our ukraine would need to get back on its feet but still. of course the issue is whether or not are going to happen to cater for bondholders. so what's in the united states is an interesting post on over to pay off. so i guess is that the meal the night and the ecb stabilization program that will replace the usual structural adjustment to what the house for fashion week all posterity. and that there will be sufficient funds made available to couples foreign bondholders can suck on it a rather extreme christ people in ukraine. what no more do you think needs to be done financially to help the country since all of this dress has been going on there how much damage you think it's done in terms of say gdp to the country. unfortunately
their gdp was so low. it's going to do that too much attention to or wants to take a look at you crave or staple in the pool and has twice the per capita gdp. that's the ukraine gas to ukraine and relatively low level of detail that means that they are not missing too much further than they already are but that is what is the real cheap issue that needs to be addressed. ukraine needs real economic development. and it's paying off its bondholders does nothing to help the country. will we really need is an entirely new dialogue will be required to develop the credit for seventy names like granting of its export of wheat and see if we can do something to identify markets first of its industrial products with each course. so those are to go to russia. perhaps the best that you could result in new industries located to the western arctic wind protection for its industrial products from the east again unfortunately all i see is
kind of tree us. measure is designed to ensure that the bondholders are paid off and really nothing done to develop the crank. professor geoffrey summers from novena want to thank you very much for retirement. stay with us your own art international is we bring you updates and expert analysis on the uprising in ukraine every hour still to come we report on whether the u s troops will be leaving afghanistan for good this and more. after a short book. i am. winter is when this comes in the leases palm trees of the houses. the policing of the biggest events of. desert festival. it is
the meeting camel races and spent the last year preparing for the grueling marathon the day before the race is a heavy sandstorm. overcoming the power of nature is never ending challenge. because of winter policy. goose july the dough. she was concerned you can use that degree. it used to access key to haunt you . the sixty minutes past the hour president barack obama is warning his afghan counterpart washington maple all of its troops out of afghanistan by year's end
signing a bilateral security deal looking like at the moment but ortiz guy in hd on says the us may be reluctant though to cut back its influence in the region a sunny day for the obama train station to communicate reasons why the u s to se in afghanistan past twenty four teams in this region has been able to sell those reasons the present karzai is that nato troops presence lead his country's worst of logic and definitely does not believe again a simple good one of the reported options is that kills three thousand troops would be deployed at two places in kabul and bob rhonda would not do much traveling across the country and the other option which the pentagon reportedly favors more is needing ten thousand troops behind and also leaving more bases open the pentagon argues the clothing of some of the places when hampered drone operations in pakistan washington's main argument now remains that afghan forces cannot stand alone against the resurgent taliban to increase the pressure congress has recently slashed planes development until it reeked of ghana's
then to roughly house to drop by half to one point one billion dollars there's also an understanding here in washington that in order to not close of denison completely they may have to make an out reach to the taliban now force the team fighting for more than a decade. and so many of the recent developments show how far we have come from initial declarations like the usa they leave against them by the end of twenty fourteen. in washington. i'm going is to count our tea the state would get out the war as played out in numbers intervention afghanistan's cost taxpayers more than five hundred fifty billion dollars in the us people to the average salary of about ten million teachers throwing of porsches the metaphor used by troops are for it. the javelin anti tank missiles that cost about eighty thousand dollars a pop dozens of nations committed their forces to the nato campaign. but while austria and ireland said only three and seven troops respectively the us still has about forty thousand votes on the ground moreover recent polls show
sixty six percent of americans think the war wasn't worth fighting. one afghan activist tells us us nation building there has been in effect. they haven't eaten lunch as it is the only team in a related idea the media for his uniform and it's due to outdated the weapons that he is going to stand in afghanistan cost the lives of more than a million guns they have not convinced that it's a disney day into this loaded in the nation beating today. and they simply maintain that they have been institutions institutions. winning is good but if institution where they can be done and cannot continue to maintain its open is not sustainable and investigation winning isn't for us. and so they are committed to a house trained in what they have not provided him with anything this was rising rising islamophobia at home and here is a need to tackle the threat posed by ca madness returning from the syrian warrant uk
government stepping up the campaign against extremism but some members of the multi million strong british muslim community say they are now filled that tonight is our keys laura smith reports from london preventing terrorism. a powerful phrase used to excuse the old man of the eu says the government's spying on citizens to foreign wars now almost did it in the uk are accusing the government of skate guarantee that in the finest again tara and create suitable according the cradle to grave police state. they say the police strategy known as prevent monitors muslims and tried to change our utilities in a weak area of the. it's annoying composing policy this puts you on every aspect of most in life. in an idyllic negative way which time encourages discrimination. you've got to remember that. when one person has been affected in this way. the whole family as they tell that from me to tell their friends they tell others. so this is becoming a
shared experience most the muslim community the whole commute in his now experiencing what's happening in the event despite the fact they came in right till tonight basis of rounds at the start to see unexpectedly interested it's been like that all agreements names base notes on preventing terrorism. it's a mistake. i feel that she believes that bodies. it can set to be enshrined in seville. and it's not the media is all part of politicians seeking to make capital out to the perry discriminate it takes most dentists chair on the action is integration statesman to the uk independence party. he wants british muslims to sign a code of conduct that affirms the equality of all people equal rights to win in the jackson five minutes and her maids tolerates walk on say how anybody could take two of the few sites to anybody anywhere in the well do you think that people should be treated equally men or women should be treated equally. you know that there should be no violence there
should be no compulsion in religion everybody should be free to follow their own religion. i knew would not sign it. and the people who don't believe those things stand on tues the token it would help moderate muslims to distinguish themselves from extremists. but muslims themselves say it's just another way of singling them out and it doesn't look any way that is what leads to you know fascism against other communities this is what it meant you will all happen. normal people can be spent reading all of the next target would mean anyway. a job along the cobbled get them to sign a code of conduct. the winery that has policies like these become part of everyday life. sue is not afraid to be a foretaste to the community against community and to fight in society. doris smith ot london. also when ridden a meter of cortez all homeless across the eu could potentially be given arabs or restore their heads in the blink of an eye. what a shocking number of homes across the continent standing
anti war news of nrg dot com for more details once evidence coming to light up the idea suggesting our planet may have become habitable much earlier than previously thought. all this thanks to a crystal that was on her find out more on a website right from the sea the interesting picture the reporters were there the animal. the move on earl such the locals to take a break as the excitement of the winter games comes in the city gets ready now for the paralympics. meanwhile russia's media have been hearing from the one person without whom the sporting extravaganza may never happen of course president but we
are putting our keys and a farmer has more from such today sotheby's olympics have ended his defeat in his teens seen the prices of raw she's at least to the nation's media. he said that before the games at best many people it said russia would be nice to demonize those tight with of course they finished top with a record haul of medals the trading day seemed old he went on to get an oven to two anecdotes about one of the big east does that these gangs the thickest night to either the missile click event he told the media that he actually meant to which use any twelve years old. add the half bath i say taken with each other and then at that time she predicted that one day she would be an olympic champion had a tree that was dissipation and also address the criticism the russian had sites in the run up to the stains inside the basically if you come from two dairies. all these years we have been working in conditions of criticism but it was constructive criticism in the first place. very friendly and helpful on the part of the international olympic committee. i am sure
that without such friendly criticism and support. we would have still managed to do everything but i doubt whether we would have done it with such quality. because we like the enormous experience of our friends from the ioc this was their gift to us however there was and i'm sure there still is another group of critics who have little to do with sport their main concern is competition in international politics. their job is different in the new zealand project which keep their own goals in their anti russian propaganda efforts. whenever a strong competitor years in russia in this case. there is always someone who doesn't like this. he starts working against it. however the field corner stand how deep the changes are in western society changes that have affected its very nature and nice to taste many by saying i hate the sin in cakes each item precious soul to the wound shut in in iraq shia which the rest of
the weld she don't be afraid of. country from a boxing subject. oh and today with a button or bowden focusing on succulent pix available any time on our website our t dot com. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour. nigerian military says militants from vocal iran the terror group there are storm the boarding school overnight killing twenty nine students the movement that opposes secular education is frequently attacked schools thousands of been killed across the country since two thousand and nine when the militants started their violent campaign to impose muslim all. south korea's as nc border has been violated by a north korean patrol boat the vessel spent several hours near an island on the disputed border before turning back after warnings were issued from the south the incident follows souls joint military drills with the us which have angered done yet. and one of the world's largest be calling exchange platform is known to docs has gone offline taking around three hundred fifty million dollars
worth of the digital currency with it. earlier this month the site for a loop acorn withdraws after detecting the cold unusual activity besides apparent collapse has dealt a setback to be queen supporters who see it as a potential alternative to traditional current season heats up. you nuts. however it will live with it. it's like the heats. most of the tendencies towards this somebody who isn't
the a story each day excludes any team that works to top story line is today's most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington six am i going to
have party acting in your story continues here seventeen with me thanks to a doting aspect that i conveyed that stealing is just too new and it makes the network's gotta work on in each seat. tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on the m a c networks. america we cover the americans wanted the difference more than thirty correspondents across north central and south america. i mean well but i don't yet we traveled north and south to provide the most comprehensive coverage of everything. here in atlanta will open your eyes to the changes taking place in cuba. a place closed off to some fascinating to watch and everyone is talking about brazil with the correspondents across the country. top with bills
but its advantages as it moves towards the twenty sixteen and then takes out beyond. our coverage goes well beyond standard treatment of drugs and immigration issues. as we reported a nation just beginning to unleash her friends. like every week to the citizens of america and south. i think her city providing a unique way the lucky one. just a thought what the fog the advice of the ricketts up quality and depth reporting from north and south beach diet advice from washington is a ctv news. seek the death cheers now even more ways to follow cctv america than ever before. get real time updates on our various of the forest and catch up on your favorite clips from our news and programming. check this out on twitter facebook and
youtube. let us know what you really think. you learned new ruling will. so this is the opening scene the season the land. he was coming up the uncertainty in ukraine the stake as the economy ugandan newspaper exposed me to two hundred people at the gate. the day after the country's president of the cadavers comes to